Varieties Of Wedding Dress & Tuxedo

A Line

It is fitted at the bodice and the skirt which resembling the shape of an uppercase “A” is the most remarkable characteristic. It is flattering on all body types as it makes your leg length look longer. Not only the classic and charming look is poplar but also practical as make you confident and secure.

Princess Line

Princess line is literally the dress for you dreamed of being a royally princess/bride in childhood. As not just as a design, the volume of the fluffy skirt covers your lower body. It fits closely to the bodice and the skirt flowing out to the ground. Although it is an orthodox wedding dress, it gives a lovely impression because of the dreamily cloud-like skirt with an enormous amount of detail.

Slender Line

Its silhouette is slender and so emphasizes your bodyline to show off the elegant matureness. Even though it is basically for tall woman, it can be suitable for short women depending on the styling. You can achieve a glamorous look and casual beauty at the same time. It is ideal in location photo shoot since it is comfortably lightweight to move such as a jumping or a skipping and so on.

Mermaid Line

This unique dress is basically ideal for slender frames and hourglass body types for stunningly highlighting your mid-section part of the body as it tightly fits your body from the chest to the knee that naturally brings out a curvy effect. It looks even stunning when you walk while a photo shoot as the skirt flares out to the hem to look like a tail inspired from Mermaid.

Empire Line

It has a crosscut of skirt and top under the chest and straightly flows out to the ground as a high waist design. An ancient Greek goddess used as a model and it can express modest and elegant sexiness. This type of dresses can be suitable for whichever body type wishing to be a classy lady depending on design specifications. Since it is not tight it is also good for pregnant brides as a maternity dress.

Short Dress

Short dress is kind of a cutting-edge dress having short skirt falls above the knees and shows your legs and makes your dream to be an extraordinarily cute girl come true. This dress is absolutely recommended for a bride who is going to wear a formal dress on her big day to differentiate style of wedding day from a photo shoot.

Casual Tuxedo

The casual tuxedo would be best for a groom who would not like to be too formal and would like to go with comfortably while keeping chic looks. There is no doubt that thinking about a styling of a jacket and a patterned tie that still reminds formal taste is enjoyable.


Tuxedos are very formal outfit typically worn formal events with black jacket and white shirt. Basically the difference between suit and tuxedo is the texture used and tuxedo is made with the satin.

  • * For customers requiring a special size, please notify us in advance.
  • * Since some outfits cannot be taken out for on-location shooting, it is sometimes not possible to use all of the outfits in the shop.
  • * We add new outfits (tuxedo, dress, and kimono) to our line-up regularly. In addition, outfits cannot be secured in advance due to regular maintenance or adjustment.

Wedding Dress & Tuxedo Accessories

  • Crown

  • Head Band

  • Necklace

  • Ear-Rings

  • Corsage

  • Bonnet

  • Gloves

  • Bouquet

  • Flower Crown

  • Bow Tie