Fukuoka Area

Fukuoka is the heart of politics, economics, culture and fashion in Kyushu area, in the southern part of Japan. It has been a great access to other Asian countries, welcoming sightseers from all around Asia. This area is also known for its many famous hot springs and delicious regional food popular among the Japanese. Fashionable modern architectures, parks and gardens offer a different style for your photos.

Popular Locations

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    Ohori Park

    This park is one of the most beautiful water parks in Japan and there are also many flowers and trees creating relaxing atmosphere.

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    Japanese Garden

    It has an authentic tearoom and beautiful Japanese natures that can add a perfect Japanese Atmosphere to your photos.

  • 糸島 3


    Fukuoka's summer paradise is just 40 minutes away west of Fukuoka City. The view fills with blue sea and sparkling white sandy beaches.