About Us

Authentic Wedding Photo

The concept behind Decollte Wedding Photo is ‘Authenticity’ meaning that we value the ‘Genuineness and Truth’ of the photo itself.
We believe that we put all our heart and soul into beautifully capturing your happiest moment just as you are.
We promise to provide you the best, most reliable service and with our professional photographers
and wedding photography specialist staff uncompromisingly create memories and photos you will cherish.

16 Studios in Japan

We started our business since 2001 and have expanded our wedding photography business all over Japan, passionately pursuing exquisitely authentic wedding photography.
We are a truly professional wedding photography network of 16 studios in Japan.
We are continuing to expand our network of studios across Japan and worldwide.

Authentic High Quality
Japanese Photography Skills

Active in advertising, our skilled photographers will diligently handle
all your needs from the moment consultation begins.
We pride ourselves on taking photos that best express
the beauty and essence of you as a couple.
Not only do we treasure couples’ happiest moment of their life
but we also value the way they are,
enhancing their own beauty and originality
by using our photography skills, creativity and experience.
We also focus intently on the quality of our photos and outfits as well as our prices.

Photographing over 25,000
Couples a Year in Japan and Overseas

We are one of the most trusted and most skilled wedding photography
in Japan with years of experience.
With Japanese quality and heartfelt “Omotenashi” hospitality,
we deliver wedding photos with a different flavour from
the bridal photography currently popular in Korea.
We capture exquisite wedding photos whilst enjoying Japan and taking in its rich culture.
With a photo team put together just for you, we will work side by side with you to create a precious photo you will never forget.

Top Class Photographers

  • Toshiya Mizuma

    Toshiya Mizuma

  • Shuji Satsuma

    Shuji Satsuma

  • Keisuke Shimozono

    Keisuke Shimozono

  • Michie Kaibara

    Michie Kaibara

  • Rei Kinoshita

    Rei Kinoshita

Active in advertising and other photography-related fields,
our top-class photographers earnestly listen to your requests
and faithfully shoot bridal photos that you will truly cherish.
Please enjoy the Decollte photo quality and we look forward to providing you a wonderful and memorable experience.


Decollte Japan Head Office

Open Hours
10:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. (irregular holidays)
Seiwa Umeda building 8F, Sonezaki 2-12-7, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
Japan (+81) 6 6315 6733
Hong Kong (+852) 8171 4248