Frequently Asked Questions

About Making a Reservation

  • How does the application process work?

    The application process will depend on the type of plan selected. For additional information on the types of plans available, please contact us using the form found in the "Contact us" section of our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 3 working days.

  • How far in advance do I need to make a reservation for my photo shoot?

    You can make a reservation for your photo shoot one week in advance. However, as your desired day and location may not be available, we recommend making your reservation approximately 1 month in advance.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit when I make a reservation?

    As a part of the reservation process, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit that is 30% of the selected package price to secure your shooting day. The remaining balance will be paid on the day of the photo shoot. Please complete the payment via Paypal and you will be provided a PayPal invoice.

About Shooting

  • I would like to do both the fitting and photo shoot during our short stay in Japan, will the studio have any availability for us?

    The availability will change depending on which plan you choose. Once you select a plan, please contact us so we can check the availability. Please note that an advanced meeting and outfit coordination will be held the day before the photo shoot for customers wearing western style clothing.

  • How long does a photo shoot take?

    Generally, it takes about around 4-9 hours depending on the plan and location that you choose. Please visit the webpage of each plan on our website.

  • Can I request for a taste/style of my ideal photo?

    Of course, you can. If you have any requests on the poses and/or the style of your photos, please let us know. We will accommodate your requests as much as we can. If you have reference pictures, please e-mail them to us in advance.

  • Can I bring my own props for my shooting?

    You are welcome to bring props for your photo shoot. However, we kindly ask you to refrain from bringing objects that are fragile or those that may damage the clothing. There might be a possibility we ask you to limit your props to take to the locations since we will move around in the location during the photo shoot.

  • Can I still do a photo shoot if I am pregnant?

    If you are in your stable period (second trimester), it is possible to have a photo shoot. If you choose to wear Kimono, as Kimono is Japanese traditional garment which is worn wrapped tightly with many layers, it is not recommended to brides who are pregnant or have health concerns. We shall not be responsible for any problems caused by that if anything should happen.

  • Is it possible to do both a Japanese-style and Western-style photo shoot on the same day?

    It is possible, but may be impractical depending on the photo locations. Please contact us, if you are interested and we can provide suggestions as necessary.

  • Is it possible to choose the photographer?

    Yes, it is. Please be aware that there is a required nomination fee for requesting a photographer. Please visit our “photographers’ page” for more information.

  • Is it okay to take pictures with our cell phones or personal cameras?

    Yes, feel free to take photos with your camera or cell phone. However, we recommend leaving the actual photo shoot in the hands of our professional photographers to get the most out of the experience.

Outfits, Hair And Makeup

  • Is there anything I need to prepare?

    For western-style photo shoot, we ask the bride to bring a pair of nude colored stockings and the groom to bring a pair of black or white socks. Depending on the plan, you may be required to make other preparations. If you would like to use false eyelashes, please bring your own so that our makeup artist put them on your eyes. Also, please bring your own skin lotion if you have sensitive skin.

  • Is it possible to discuss my style of makeup?

    After finalizing the contract, we will send a form for you to fill in your desired style. Based on these requests, we will arrange your makeup to your tastes. As we have on-site interpreters, it is also possible to consult directly with our stylists on the day of your shooting.

  • I am worried about the bride’s hair and makeup. Is there a rehearsal?

    We have not included a rehearsal in our package plans. Those interested may add one as a separate option. Please apply in advance.

  • I am concerned if I can find a nice outfit for the shooting. Do you have many outfits to choose?

    Please do not worry about it, we have a plenty of outfits to choose. We carry a wide array of dresses, tuxedos, and kimonos in a variety of styles. Our outfits are not simply designed for just photo shoots, they are authentic, carefully-selected pieces used in real wedding ceremonies. As we regularly upgraded outfits, we ask you to please select from what is available at the time of your shooting.

  • Can I reserve an outfit?

    Unfortunately, we do not take reservations for outfits. For western-style shoots, you can select and reserve your outfit at the time of your fitting (before your shooting day).

  • Do you have a number different sizes for your outfits?

    While it depends on the shop, if you make a request in advance we can arrange for smaller or larger sizes as needed. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • May we bring our own outfits?

    Yes, you may bring your own outfits. In order to avoid any problems with delivery or storage, we generally ask that you bring the outfits at the time of your shoot. Please be aware that there are no discounts for bringing your own outfits.

Photos & Items

  • Can we request for photo editing? Also, what is the extent of the editing that is offered?

    We only do editing on photos for your album. In general, we do not edit human figures (faces or bodies). Depending of the nature of the requested editing and number of spots to be edited, we do offer some services for a separate fee.

  • What is the resolution for the photos?

    The image quality of our photos is equivalent to 20 megapixels. We will give you your photo data as JPEG files.

  • Can I get all the data from the photos taken?

    Yes, we will upload photo data (JPEG) to the cloud storage “Dropbox” within 2 weeks after the day of your photo shoot. You can download all photo data from the Dropbox link that we send you. (We will remove photos with closed eyes etc. when passing on the data).

  • When will we receive our album? What is the method of delivery?

    Your album will be sent by Air within 2-3 months after you selected your photos for your album.

    * Customers that are not in Asian countries are required to pay an additional delivery fee. Shooting plans that include the shipping cost of albums, etc. are only available in Asian countries.

  • Why does it take 2-3 months to get our album?

    After receiving a photo selection form with selected photos, our photographer will perform a simple photo retouch and send your retouched photos to a section specialising in album production. After this process, we will checking the album carefully and delivery the final product to you.

For Changes Of Time And Cancellations

  • What happens to location shooting if it rains?

    We will consult with our customers on the day before the shooting to decide whether or not it will be held. In general, shooting is carried out rain or shine. In the event a location shoot cannot be held, it will be moved into our studio. However, due to scheduling conflicts, this may not be possible. Please be aware that we are unable to refund deposits for cancellations due to rain or customers personal preferences. If our studio decides that it is impossible to have a photo shoot because of bad weather (typhoon,etc) or other circumstances, we can arrange your shooting date to another without charging, depending on the availability. In case you cannot change it, we will return all of your deposit.

  • Is it possible to change the date of our shoot? If so, is there a separate charge?

    In the event a shooting is cancelled at the customer’s convenience, you will be charged separate fee for changing the date depending on the customer suggested time.
    - No extra fees will be charged for changes made 3 weeks prior to the photo shoot.
    - For changes requested 1 to 2 weeks prior, a fee of 10,000yen will be charged.
    - For changes within 1 week of the shoot, there will be a 30,000yen fee.

  • What happens in the event of a cancellation?

    At our studios we receive a deposit when you make a reservation with us. In the event a shooting is cancelled at the customer’s convenience, we will ask you a separate fee for cancelling your shooting depending on the time you tell us.
    - For cancellations 2 weeks to 1 month in advance, the reservation deposit will be treated as the cancellation fee.
    - For cancellations 1 to 2 weeks in advance, the cancellation fee will be 30% of the plan’s price.
    - Cancellations made within one week of the shoot carry a 50% cancellation fee.


  • What are the options for payment?

    You may pay by cash (Japanese yen) or credit card (VISA or Master Card).

  • We are concerned about getting to your shop. Can you provide us with detailed directions?

    Please check the map on our shop page. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to thoroughly assist you.

  • Can we request for you to arrange our hotel and flights?

    We ask that our customers please book their flights and accommodation themselves.

  • Can we have our photo shoot at a location other than those in the plans?

    If you have somewhere in mind, please let us know. A separate fee may be charged depending on the location desired.

  • Are we exempt from sales tax?

    Unfortunately, there are no tax exemptions.

  • We cannot speak Japanese. Do you have interpreters on staff?

    Rest at ease as we have staff that can speak English. You can request Chinese interpreters as a separate option.

  • Do the prices increase during weekends, the cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons?

    Yes. There is an additional charge of ¥20,000yen when the shooting is held on weekends and holidays. In addition, shooting during the season of cherry blossom or autumn leaves will require a seasonal charge. The price and period differs with the year. Please feel free to contact us for more details.