Yokohama Area

The most populated municipality in Japan, Yokohama. Yokohama is now filled with various elements of Western civilization. With the refreshing Minato Mirai, classic western buildings and architecture, and original food culture, Yokohama has become an atmospheric town with a truly cosmopolitan feel.

Popular Locations

  • AADSCF1827(S)2

    Osanbashi Pier

    As a point of arrival for passenger cruise ships, this pier is alive with visitors for sightseeing. This is an exceptional spot for viewing the Yokohama coast at night.

  • yokohama_negishishinrinpark

    Negishi Shinrin Park

    A nature-filled park remodeled from an old horse race track. You can also enjoy the cherry blossoms here in spring.

  • 三渓園 和装7

    Sanke-en Garden

    A traditional Japanese garden. It receives many visitors during the autumn leaves and cherry blossom seasons. Experience traditional Japanese atmosphere in this garden.