Nagoya Area

Located in the center of Japan, Nagoya is filled not only with great shopping and urban sightseeing but also with important sites in history and samurai culture such as Nagoya Castle, the Tokugawa Garden, and Atsuta Shrine. Various photo locations incorporating mountains, the sea, flowers, historical architecture, and more are concentrated near the city center. For bridal photos, Nagoya Castle is a popular choice.

Popular Locations

  • nagoya_nagoyacastle

    Nagoya Castle

    The famous golden Shachihoko (a mythical sea creatures) adorning the topmost part of the castle is the symbol of Nagoya Castle.

  • 徳川園 23

    Tokugawa Japanese Garden

    See the ruins of the Tokugawa Owari clan residences and the beautiful traditional Japanese garden with its pond and surrounding walking path.

  • nagoya_centralpark

    Central Park

    The centre of the business and entertainment surrounded by many shops and buildings. There is a famous Ferris Wheel in front of the studio.