Kyoto beginning of Apr.

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Shooting Location /

Arashiyama, Zuishin-in Temple

Plan Type / 1 Day Wedding Photo Tour


Plan Details

    • Total Time / 11 Hours ~

    • Cut / 400〜

  • Bride / 2 Wedding Kimono

  • Groom / 2 Wedding Kimono

  • Groom & Bride’s Undergarments for kimono

Services included in this plans

  • hair_makeup
    Hair & Makeup for Bride & Groom
  • set_of_accessories
    Set of Accessories
  • photo_props
    Photo Props
  • all_photo_data
    All Photo Data
  • 10_album
    12” x 12” Album with 2 Mini Albums
    (the maximum number of photos : 35 pics)
  • simple_edited_photodata
    Simple Edited Photo Data
    (pictures for your album)
  • englsih_speaking_guide
    English or Mandarin Speaking Guides
  • transportation_expenses
    Transportation Expenses
    (Studio ⇆ Location)
  • shipping_by_air
    Shipping Cost by Air
  • lunch
  • a3_photo_board
    A3 Photo Board
    (Book NOW, Get it FREE!)

Everything you need for the shooing is all included.

[Attendance] A Hair&Make-up Artist and an Interpreter come along with your shooting.
[Unlimited choice!] You can choose any available outfit in the studio without any upgrade charge.
[Included] High quality album made in Japan containing 30 pages with 2 mini albums.
[Included] You can get ~35 simple edited Photos.

Please kindly contact us in advance if you are interested in Kimono and also have health concerns.

Kyoto Apr. 2017

Staff Comment



Hokkaido is an island in the northernmost of Japan.
This area is rich in nature and has distinct changes of seasons. Summer is the best season to visit Hokkaido.
The nice weather continues and various flowers start blooming all at once.
If you like to enjoy the pre-wedding photo shoot with the natural scape, Hokkaido will be the best place to visit!
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Don't miss it!

Our irouchikake are gorgeous in both color and design. Although it is possible to wear this with a tsunokakushi for the wedding, why not make a striking impression by wearing shiromuku during the ceremony and saving the colorful uchikake kimono for when you change outfits for the banquet and reception.


English & Mandarin Available